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Being a family is one of the worlds last real adventures… 

I don`t recall who said this but it has so much truth in it… 
Being a family requires many abilities that are not famous in today’s modern world… 
Being family means caring for others more than oneself  It means putting others in the center and it means a live full of compromise and stepping down. 
A society that tells me that live is all about me, about what i like and that all things are possible… well that just will stop working as soon as you have your little bundle of joy in your arms and he/she is crying all night… 
If your exhausted and would almost kill to finally at least get a 5 minutes to take a shower… That moment when you feel all alone and helpless.. 
that time when your child just told you that you are stupid and he/she does not love you anymore… That moment when you feel like you just cant… 
That moment when you are screaming at your kids for the first time… or again and again. 
When you feel like it all falls apart.

We all have been there and we all will be there again! 
That`s part of parenting and it will always be! 

We live in a world where everyone likes to show himself pretty  capable and cool. Fact is, big adventures bring you to the limit and so does being a Family. 

This Community is supposed to be a place where we are not about perfection but about reality! A place where failing is not a fail until you stop trying! 
A place where weakness becomes strength because we will unite and support in this amazing journey we choose to take… 
together for the best we can! 

(Sorry the end really sounds like a bad Hollywood line… but i mean it)

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