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Let’s share light… 

We sell the awesome Lightrecyclers to you and all the money we make by doing so is going directly to the current Bringing light social Project. (See below) that way we can bring light in both directions. To someone in need and to the person buying. 

We will send you an original Light Recycler (the newest beta generation that you cannot even get in stores). Lifespan at least 50 Years. Don’t forget to give us your adress in order for us to send you your Light Recycler. If you buy some… And thank you so much for your time!

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Rocking your life also means helping… today we start this new series: “Bringing Light”… be part of a movement… We will start up with Carole

2014-09-03_13.18.26these pictures were taken a few month before the accident..  Last January, a terrible accident happened – falling in her own home she became paraplegic and since then needs a wheelchair to manage her life. She says her whole life came to a stop… Everything changed and besides lots of tests and doctor visits, waiting for a wheelchair and everything else, life became hard and complicated… dark… The most simple things like using a bathroom, going from one room to the other or buying groceries became challenges – some even impossible to do… Living in a four story home didn’t make it easier. For us it was an honour and very fascinating to see how she learnt to handle her life, adjusted to the challenges and built furniture, crafts and tools to make her life manageable again. She keeps amazing us and everybody else with her will and power to not give up. But certainly – and we know this for sure – lots of sleepless nights came along this year. Carole dedicated her life to helping others… ever since we got to know her, she has always opened doors, lent an ear, opened pockets and made time for those in need and those with problems. The reason why we are doing this is because we want to offer her what she offers the world for all of her life – an open heart, open ears and open pockets.  Love, Her Sisters by heart.

As a family of 6 we have never really been mainstream to begin with – but we love our big family and chose it by purpose. If the kids, my husband and many friends & family would not have stepped in to help, would not have been willing to assist me countless hours these past months – I could not have done it. We have a wonderful family and friends that support us from near and far with help, prayers and emotional support. All of this helped that we could stay a family through this time and still be a family united and in love. Sometimes it feels like a veil of darkness is laying over our family… (Carole Mercédès, in a wheelchair since January 2015, wife and mom of 4 school age kids)

Today we ask you for help to support Carole and her family on their journey back to everyday life…2014-08-17_1203_001

While basic things are thankfully covered by health care and insurance, there are a lot of expenses that the family has to cover on their own… One of the major things to finance is the laundry room Currently, the laundry room, freezer and food is stored in the basement and absolutely not accessible by wheelchair. Also, the shower is on another floor. We would like to transform part of the garage into a “laundry – food storage and shower – room”. Nothing fancy, just simple and plain. No heating, just isolation for the winter. This would allow Carole to care for the household and her family a bit like she did before.

I never thought that I would ever say this in my life; but I want to be able to do laundry again, to provide for my family, to support my family and stop feeling like I am mostly a burden to them all. They don’t ever give me that feeling but I still get it from within myself. I feel useless and sad seeing how they all overwork themselves while I am bound to do nothing just because of infrastructural barriers.

Do you want to be part of it? Get her back into the laundry room? Give her the ability to support her family by helping around the house? 2015-09-25 19.51.47 videoCapture Screenshot_2015-04-11-13-19-35-1 IMG_6504  Screenshot_2015-09-12-19-46-14-1

I want to give my kids a home that is more than just a mess… something that comes close to what we had before… it will never be the same but at least as good as possible. There are many things I cannot provide them with anymore… I can’t run with them or go to school meetings because they are all not wheelchair accessible… but I need to be able to give them a home again… where they can feel warmth, love and care… where light shines again and the darkness is lifted from our life.

Thank you so much for your time, your support and for stopping by!

The money will be used to renovate the garage into a combined “laundry – food storage and shower – room” to enable Carole to care for her family again. All these features are now in the basement or upstairs – and thus inaccessible for her, making some of the daily chores impossible.   And here some info about the light recycler: Lightrecycler – just 10x10cm, made in Germany, all natural. Will last at least 50 years and shines 99 hours. No battery, no electricity… just some daylight during the day or a quick exposure ensues enough light to have a sense of orientation at night, find the bathroom, even read a few lines…. well, if that isn’t exciting! We all are responsible to live our life in a way that keeps resources save. That is why we are very happy to bring you something we guess you haven’t known before. And the owner helps us by giving us the recycler to do good with them. Let`s do good and let`s take care of our world all in one.   Best regards and thank you for your trust, Brigitte and Holger, the Project Team Leaders LightRecycler Logo Schwarzer Hintergund hochauflösend