A night routine without light

Spending a night routine without any light of electric or battery powered light of any kind…  is that possible? 

Fugal living – living on a penny and keeping your life environment friendly are topics every seems to talk about but who is actually doing something? 
We wanted to know if a Light Recycler (made out of natural crystals and absolutely environment friendly and lasting basically forever) will produce enough light to life electric free for a night time routine.. 

2016-06-17 00.29.34well now… let`s start… it is me, my Light Recycler and a mobile phone camera (that is why the Light Recycler is not showing as bright as he actually is…)

20160617_001854 the first thing is to shut down the computer, take off my jewellery and go to the kitchen…  no problem so far…  

 20160617_001837 in the kitchen I need to finish up, put the last things in the dishwasher and to start the dishwasher to use the cheaper night electricity. 


20160617_002101 then I go upstairs in the shine of the Light Recycler shining out my steps nicely to check on my Children and to see them sound asleep. In that shimmer of a light they actually look much cuter then they already are. 

20160617_002313 then it is time to take to take my earrings off and wash my eye liner down and but some lotion on my skin. All of what works fine with that light provided from the Light Recycler. Actually I almost get a Christmas feeling.. it is so calm and peaceful. Different but sweet. 

20160617_002209 now brushing my teeth and putting on my pijama… no problem at all. The light is enough… but now about my phone… 

20160617_002504 but no – no problem it is no deal at all to find the electric socket to plug in my phone got a clear enough view – but unlike the Light Recycler the phone still needs charging. 

20160617_002650-1 now there is nothing else than to say good night – my bed routine “without light” went wonderful and while my phone will charge now and be turned off my Light Recycler will shine my way to me bedroom and seriously… that shimmering light really made me tired and I believe I will go right to sleep. 

That was fun an no problem at all! I should do that always – I think I might! 

Start Recycling light – because a Light Recycler is all you need for it at it lasts more than one Generation… 



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