Anarchy the solution for me and my kids

Anarchy is the condition of a society, entity, group of people, or a single person that rejects hierarchy. (Wikipedia)

Anarchy is a word that either repels us strongly or has a deep fascination that it awakens in our mind… And as so rather often… there is a bit of both in all of us…

Rejecting Hierarchy is a desire implemented in almost every living organism. It is not a human ability at all and whoever tried to teach a cat or a dog a certain behavior got to see the ambivalent feelings they produce between wanting to obey and make you happy  – versus – rather making what they want and desire.

Dogs just like little Children show this amazingly well. That inside fight vice and versa. Should I obey or do my thing… Hierarchical Structures make life narrow but also easy… Religion, Governments and strong Believes offer this to a certain degree. Most people don`t really like rules and reglementations and then again basic rules make living together much easier. Knowing what is expected from me in my new job gives me the base to decide if I want the job in the first place and if I am willing and capable to do it.

Raising Children most Parents find out sooner or later how fine the line is between over-regulating and down holding your Children development and the children loosing orientation between everything available. Letting your Child eat whatever it wants might be fun for a day – but if they really have access to everything including alcohol, poisons, and such it would turn out life-threatening – depending on the age and knowledge of the child. Boundaries also are a safety feature. While school one day was invented to keep children save from child labor it now seems to many a unnecessary burden itself. Depending on the Country you life in not visiting school might not matter or not be available or even bring parents in jail.

But no matter what – no rules up to a certain degree is wonderful: A day without chores

    • Cheat Day during the diet
    • going home early even if the work is not done
    • just doing what you feel like
    • not adulting for a day
    • eating without counting calories
    • forgetting time while playing
    • gaming all night through
    • just going for a stroll without a final destination
    • just packing a suitcase and go to the airport to leave for the first destination you can book
    • laying under the moon dreaming into the night

When did you treat yourself or your Children with an Anarchy Day/Moment/Week?

The older we get the more we are in a system that can hold us almost a bit hostage… escaping from it every once in a while (in a responsible way) is a very important self-regulating tool that we must master!

Allow yourself a Moment of freedom every day… Even if it means getting up earlier and then spoiling just that 😉 And give yourself at least once a month a Day off? Off of all you should and need… a Day off of must and do… 

If we don`t take care of our basic needs and desires we might end up in very good company of all the Midlife Crisis/ Burnout/ always angry or Tired of life attitudes out there.. Fight against it and give yourself some anarchy every once so often. 

Anarchy for your Kids

Not just you… Maybe your Kids also need a break every once in a while… Here I suggest some basic Rules be established the night before like the following:

  1. Make sure everyone has a day off the day after
  2. Set a start time and an End time (to make sure the Children get the night sleep they need) but be nice and let them stay up late!
  3. There is an EXIT option that Mom has to exit the day if one of the following occurs:
    1. illegal activity
    2. someone is endangered
    3. something is endangered
    4. someone got hurt or is crying
  4. Explain to the kids that if they will be able to enjoy more Anarchy days or not depends completely on them… If a Anarchy day in your house means hours of clean up for you in the end your motivation to hand out more of these Days might be very low. Also if they have to throw up after eating too much sweets or such.
  5. Don`t forget it is THEIR Day. Give them Space! Give them freedom and stay out of their way! Maybe this would be a good moment to take some Anarchy yourself away from your routine…

TIP: I would not do this with Children under the age of 10 unless you are sure they can handle it…

Now you all… I know Anarchy is not THE SOLUTION but it is a tiny Island you can treat yourself and your loved ones every once in a while!!

Ps. My Kids and I do it since a few years and it works fine – for me as a Mom also! really fun! And then back to routine – because that is also what our life is about…

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