Christmastime stress or blessing?

Christmas time – Family time – Peace and joyful time…?!

Like every Family, Gathering Christmas is an event full of expectations and hopes. In our often so very Stressful Lives, we look forward to these events hoping to find within the peace and rest we miss. 
There is nothing wrong with having high expectations the problem lies buried below… often we are not aware of how high we expect. 

To make sure We can have a peaceful Christmas we need a few things
1. become aware of what we expect from whom (partners, Children, ….. ) 
2. reconsider whether these expectations are fair and if not adjust them
3. communicate them and explain them. ev. train for them especially with children if you expect special behavior.
4. Plan and schedule  If you are not up with your plan then now is the time to come up with something fun and relaxing but def., not something complicated anymore… 

And at the Event
5. Be fair, be generous and be fun. And everything that does not work out.. forget about it and train and work for next year.. Afterward. There is absolutely no sense in making a fuss on anything on Christmas Day. Enjoy and if someone does not play along – get used to it.. Especially in a Family ONE usually plays not along… and you know what’s cool about siblings – often as soon as the first got over it, the next will get in that phase. And kids have the best Change of failing if the pressure is on… 

Is that fun – no! Is in normal YES! Will people understand – probably not… Do they have to? NO! Only you got the insight! Don`t expect Family to understand. 

Be Generous and prepared and then like no other way  – The Stars are right for a wonderful Christmas!!!

I`m not a Patient Mother in my nature so it takes me a lot of self-control to be easy and Generous with things not working out as a thought and planning… Believe me, it can be done! 

Have a Wonderful Christmas to all of you Parenting – “Joyers”.
A Christmas full of Love, time, and respect! 

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