Compex Muscle Stimulation – can it fix my problems?

As a Paraplegic life is not the same as before… The key problem that I am trying to solve with this test series is my Abdominal Muscles. 
I can`t train my lower abdominal Muscles (Bellybutton down) and this produces several fallow-up problems… 

  • My belly starts to bloat out as if I would be 3 months pregnant. This is optically not very appealing but not the main problem. The main problem is that due to the missing muscle the organs loos their stability and start to move down. That means they loos their original position and start weighing down on the pelvic area and this can result in serious problems over the years. –> The main question of this Test is:
    1. Is the muscle build-up strong enough to form my lower abdominal muscles back up without me being able to activate them myself? 
    2. Can we see the abdominal muscles react?
    3. Can my physical therapist feel/measure a difference
    4. Will my Pelvis gain strength through the strengthening of the abdominal muscles? 
    5. Will the Belly go back in position? 

Now – After 3 Weeks of intense use, I can tell you we are amazed… My PT can feel a clear difference between both. (I can feel it too but I need this to be sure.) – This is true for the abdominal muscles as well as in the pelvis area. 
My Belly starts to look the way I was familiar with it and my abdominal organs started to work better including bowel movements and such. (Sorry I know some don`t want to know but we need to be accurate here 😉



Of curse, the Compex Machine can do much more than that and also is awesome for massages, pain relief, helps to recover faster, and could help you train as well. I will look more into these later but the main focus sure was the Belly – Problem because I want to Age well functioning and that includes my inner organs as well as my pelvic muscle. Plus not looking pregnant really helps my self-esteem as a woman. My Husband used it against his migraines with a very surprising result but more about that later… we need to try that again to confirm 😉

I was pretty sure I would not need that strap that they give you to hang the computer around your neck – but it actually is quite useful because what I like about the EMS is that I can do it while I do other things and that means I am wheeling around in my wheelchair and then the computer commander needs to be close by or it stops working. That way I can work on my Computer, Cook, and do the Laundry while my Muscles are working. Pretty awesome lol
I also want to thank Compex Switzerland who gave me this device for free to do that testing. There are several Models and Brands out there that one can buy. If they are worth it I get to test them. But I must say this Device that actually looks like a Blackberry… is very easy to use and has finished programs for every possible need that you download on your computer to make it exactly what you need and nothing more to bloat or confuse you. 

I love my Muscle Blackberry it really amazes me what it does to my Body especially to the parts that I can`t use anymore… It makes me whole again when it comes to Muscle loss and the problems that come along with it. It builds back my muscles, brings my inner organs back in position and helps me to look the way I actually am. But now back to testing I am not done with all my tests and questions – need to use the time I am given. Thank you Compex.

If you would like further information look here:

Or ask me I will try my best to help you out.



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