Healthy Living

Healthy living is more than just eating healthy. Of course, the fuel we put in an engine does change the output and can work for or against it.
Just as important is good sleep and rest. Heart rate variability, VO2, and peaceful surroundings. Good relationships, food for thoughts, and mind control are other important components of a healthy life.
Our thoughts can be our worst enemy and our self-talk usually is more crucial and critical than we would ever allow ourselves to admit. these are all topics we will work through as we go but here are a few burning topics that are requested a lot.
Don’t let circumstance rule your life and take an active role in managing your health, energy, and future outcome. Biohacking is not a Trend but rather a well-experienced Tradition used for generations. What’s new is being able to use knowledge of the old times combined with new research and the newest most up-to-date science- utilize all the knowledge available today to “hack your life” and influence your outcome.

fasting/intermittent Fasting to reboot your metabolic strength

fight adrenal fatigue, forgetfulness, tiredness, insulin resistance, and more by reading right

what’s behind that no-carb, low-carb, keto, paleo stuff? And does it apply? Is it true or just a trend?


Boosting your immune system and health with little everyday things that don’t take a lot of effort.

cycle synching (living in harmony with your female body and utilizing its powers) with food, sleep, supplements, better training results, mental stability, and much more.

Perimenopause and all its changes turn it into an adventure instead of a fight

Influence your hormone levels with little tricks that nature provides and simple lifestyle adjustments

fasting/intermittent Fasting to reboot your metabolic strength

for natural power medicine and how to use
and utilize the power from nature around us. bought or self-made there are so many
wonderful options

Gut Biom? Fatty live? Insulin resistance? Chronic Diseases? Anxiety everywhere? Do we just need to accept or couldn’t we just learn to understand the underlying story?

Want to treat symptoms or the Reasons? Be Victim or Victor?

First aid for Children and how to be prepared for all those little burns, cuts, and injuries?

Pain Management is there natural ways? And Sports injuries and what about Taping?

How to set up a good
First Aid and Apotecaracy
for home?

What medication helps/prevents the body from doing what it needs to do?

the Balance of it all.. life chores and requests and job and how to combine them and structure them – and there we are back at “life Management* –HYPERLINK