Light Recycler against Nightlight… who wins?

To compare the two we used a common night light (use 2 watt/h).
By 8 hours that is 16 Watt per Day x 30 Days = 480 W per Month x 12 Month = 5760 Watt/year.

If instead of nightlights the Light Recycler would be used and if 1 Million households would do it then we would save over 5 Billions watt per Year!

The costs per Kilowatt (KW) we estimate at 20 Cents:
5.76 KW x 20 Cents: 1.15 Euro per year Electric Bill. These times 50 Years (the minimum guaranteed Lifetime of a Light Recycler without getting weaker) = 57.50 Euros of electric Bill for just ONE night light. Many households use several.

To buy a Nightlight we estimate 9.90 Euros in 50 Years and they usually last about 10 years but we will do the math with 3 models = 26.30 plus the electric bill plus the costs for separating the parts for recycling after you throw them away…

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Compare that with the 32 Euros (35 Dollar/ 34 CHF) of a Light Recycler that at the end of its lifespan can be easily recycled.

That is one of the reasons why we are absolutely in love with the Light Recycler and believe it is a great product at a great price and actually something that you can pass down to your Children or Grandchildren.

Often an electric outlet is not where you need the light, some places electricity isn`t available at all and most of all – we all need to help save energy and recycle what we have to keep the world as good as we can for the upcoming generations.

You can buy your Light Recycler in Switzerland exclusively here on our Page (We do ship internationally) or in your Country online if they are not available yet.

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