The 5 most important things to prepare for Birth

The 5 most important things to prepare for Birth


1. This is all about YOU – the pregnant Woman. 
–> find a place to give birth where they take you seriously. Where your wishes are a priority and where you feel comfortable.
this is worth extra time and money if needed

2. Bring everything that you might like
–> including some snacks, your music (ev. a player to it if they don’t offer one) Candles, Magazines, a pillow.. whatever you like. If you are nice you bring some food for Daddy to be… often they almost starve during all those hours… 
again it is all about you

3. Invest some time to shop for upper Bodywear that is comfy and buttoned down. 
–> this is much easier during Labor and afterward to open for the baby to access you easier..

4. Don’t focus on how you will be birthing position-wise.
–> Keep moving and find out what you like in the process. You might end up totally different as you thought. and the moving around speeds up the process that’s even better!
that is why it is helpful if you have a place that offers lots of options

5. Don’t hesitate to call the Doctors/Midwives/ Hospital in advance and have them write down a few points that are important to you. 
–> see still-  it is all about YOU. Your day, Your Marathon, Your Call.

If anyone is keeping you from being the center of attention and your meets are not met then something is awfully wrong. It is about you. You are about to DO and be PART of the most amazing thing this world has to offer! Don`t Compromise and be YOU! It is about YOU and YOU can do it! Your Body can and will handle it! You are made for this Challenge, Your Body has prepared itself for it and finally, after all that waiting time it is YOUR TIME to take action and help this little precious to find its way into this world. With your strength and power, some patience, and your investment you will grow over your borders and overrule your own limits and grow into a Person you will be amazed at yourself 😉
Go have fun! You can do it! become a MAMA! You’ll always be a Woman.

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