Children with Sleep Problems


More and More Children unable to sleep well

Today I got very sad Information…The Clinic of Sleep behavior said that Councels on children have increased in over 15% in the last year. 10 years ago it was more than 50% less. 

Neurology Dr.Silvano Vello guesses that about 10% of all Children are affected of Sleep-disorders. 

Experts believe it is caused by the fallowed Factors: 

– Electronic Devises  The LED-Light of Computers, TV and such. Besides a lot of adolescence chat and use them just until the moment they fall asleep.
Screens before Bed just are not smart and keep you from going into a deep sleep at night.

– Eating, lots of Children eat heavy, to much and on a not regular timing. meaning eating time changes day to day. Also consuming Soft drinks and other high sugar containing beverages and even energy drinks. Also children more often seem to get coffee…

– Ritalin, a very common Sleep disruptive factor… 

– Unstable Family situation. A lot of Children are simply missing out on a primary Caregiver that brings them to bed on time and enables them to speak out thoughts and experiences of the past day and ev. questions and fears about the next day. Family problems also make it hard to go to sleep. 

– School, school basically just starts so early that the bio-rhythm of adolescents is becoming mixed up and that brings sleeping disorders… Also pressure in school disables older children to sleep well. Pressure often keeps minds busy till late at night.

– Clubs and out of school Activities… A lot of them happen in the evening often even after supper. Most children need quite some time after they are done until they get somewhere close to a “ready to go to sleep” mode. 

The results are alarming  The affected Children are often troubled by learning difficulties, aggressive behavior and being over weight.

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