The Secret to lasting love

The secret to Love – to lasting love… 

Compliments and Appreciation
When is the last time you showed your partner that you appreciate him? told him what you like about him? Given him a wink, that you saw what he did, cleaned up, or did for you and the kids? 
Love does not come free nor does it lasts for free! 
How are your stocks? Are you up to date? Are you investing enough? 

Nothing is for you know… falling in love is easy but only 
Respect, Compromise, and Understanding are going to keep it alive. 

Your kids need you to be a good team. If you are split they still need you to be a good Parenting team maintaining a certain amount of respect and if you are alone raising your kids then they need you to show them that you also build up a Team around them to raise them well, and are respectful to this team. 

Life is not about solo dancing it is about teamwork. 
Compliments and appreciation are the fuel to this game! 

Now go and fuel up! Please for your sake 😉

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