Are you ready? Are you sure your Wife/Husband/Honey got all the attention and love they need? That you have given enough compliments, enough empathy, and sympathy to your loved one? 

Or is it eventually the way it just happens around the kids… time flies by the nights are disturbed and you are just often too exhausted to also take care of your true love. 

For the upcoming Valentine’s – Mood I would like to shout out to you all, what I have to shout at myself every once in a while… 
(not an angry shout – a loving one 😉

Please be aware that your Children will leave your Home and your Partner should stay! Your relationship is meant to last way longer… It probably started before the kids and one day they will not need you… 
Take care of each other.. not just on Valentine’s day, but this could be a day to start Re-awareness! 

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