Family Life

Parenting is a real adventure:

a lot of things will turn out differently than imagined and planned – and sometimes a good roadmap or an adventure guide will help you find the solution you are looking for.

Learning how to learn is a key feature of life. We offer customized, highly effective, and individual learning optimization that sets you free fast – rather than old-fashioned tutoring that results in you being a client much longer than needed.

Managing a family, keeping track of all the schedules, all the hours, and everyone’s personal development and goals can be very overwhelming. Not with the right tools and guides.

Here you found the souce of what started this Company Venture.. 
Baby-joy... preparing Parents for the wonderful Adventure of parenthood and helping with organizing everything around birth, nursing adn becoming a family. 

Today it is a great joy to alrady get to see how or once little babies become adults, making their own choices knwoing that help is always just a phone call away. Not in our wildest dreams would we have thought over 10 years ago that we get to shape a nd build a new culture of grwoing up, where people and even children understand how much power a 10 min phone call with a good coach can hold to get you back on track of find out what you actually want. 

We still wish and hope that this will become common knowlagebecause 10 minutes.. just 10 minutes are not expensive, is a time span that fits in even in stressful times and yet can do so much. 
It excites us if little can do much... 
The drop of water on the sone - seen roven since over 20 years - what an honour... 

The Baby-Coaching Package that I got for the birth of our Son was the gift of our life… whenever i needed help it was right there and i do not know how i would have stayed sane through all those years especially the first few and the last few with out the great quick help from here and there.

Client; Marcy mom of two Boys (20 / 15)

There is only one downside to Coaching Families – ONE…
Once we coach parenting problems – it can be quite a frustration for clients to realize that now the marriage and the self need at least as much work as the “child’s Problem” We are sorry but in a social close gathering everyone is influenced by everything.
Funny though on the other hand, to realize how easy structural changes and just tiny attitude adjustments and a tiny bit of knowledge at the right time – can make big changes in no time..

Coaching is an adventure and our first passion..

to heop raise Children that gwo up in love and undertsanding and that can evolve with whatever they where fiven – this sstill is the very true way to change the world to a better place

Carole, Founder of Baby-joy that grew into with our clients

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