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Growing Ideas

lightrecycle button_edited-1 Growing ideas... seems very simple but sometimes it can be a real challenge. We are awesome at it - test us or browse through some of the projects we have done. We love to reorganize, design and optimize your project, lift your ideas to the next level or offer you the reality check you need to succeed and survive longer than others.

Healthy Living

healthy living button_edited-1 Your body is the most important tool you have to conquer life... taking care of it and maintaining it well is not a burden but rather a tool to a successful life. If you want an engine to run well and smoothly, it needs to get the right fuel, get used regularly but also not overused. It is not much of a difference when it comes to our body.

Life Management

36068606_s   Today's world is very fast and full of opportunities and temptations. Managing your life well and making sure all aspects of your life and the lifes of those you are responsible for are taken care of gives you the freedom to live well. Life is not easy, and it certainly does not get better if we hide out...


wheelchair button_edited-1 Life is not easy - with disabilities the challenges rise even more. We are happy to share our tips and ideas of what we found to be helpful on this journey to conquer a life with special needs and all the extra chores that come on top of all the challenges life offers anyway. "Don't let anything disable you" is our slogan. "No excuses" our mantra and "rock your life" is what we do - no matter what.  

Family Life

famyily button_edited-1 Family life and parenting - some call it the world's last real adventure. There is a lot of good reason to this, but after all an adventure can be a lot of fun and filled with positive excitement - or you can start waiting for it to be over. With a good adventure guide, even great adventures are manageable and you get excitement and fun out of it along the way.  


36068615_s Coaching for individuals, families, companies and organisations - sometimes having a coach close by can make a world of a difference. Athletes know - do you? Coaching isn't just for professionals but rather for everyone who is interested in being successful with his needs and desires in the fastest and best way possible without wasting time or money.
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The longer we work together the more I realize that I have been attacking my own dreams all my life. Thank you for assuring me that even in retirement age I am able to adjust and learn and follow new goals. You are awesome – your whole team.



I thought I knew – today I know that I didn`t have a clue. Good I came to you because you did not only start up my company but you also managed the turn around 10 years later. Thank you – maybe I will be back in another 10 😉

Start up


Nobody could handle our teen. It seemed no one could reach him… First we were very skeptical about your direct and consistent approach but up to today he speaks faithfully about you. Whatever you did and said to him – it has changed everything.


Mike and Silvie

After 2 terrible birth experiences I was scared as hell when I realised I was pregnant again. How should that work…Now looking back I don’t even know what I was afraid off… The right technique and the right instruction makes the deal – in life and during birth. Thank you



When my husband decided to leave us all because of another woman, without money or anything, tricking the system by moving out of the country… Thank you for hanging in there and leading me through – without you I would have gone insane.



Not knowing where to go and what to do – after talking to you my life always makes sense and I feel equipped to handle my chores and decisions. I am always amazed how a mountain can tumble just by sitting next to you.

Live Crisis



Carole Mercédès

Carole Mercédès

"make a difference"

For years, she manages family and businesses successfully since years and just loves to help others to achieve the same. Founder and CEO of Baby-joy, author and speaker. Founder of several successful companies, inventor of health products and manager of athletes and coach of several companies and organisations. For quite a while now, she does that all as a paraplegic out of a wheelchair. That ain’t going to stop her…

Always on the go and everyone who has ever worked with her will remember her smile.

Brigitte (Buggy)

Brigitte (Buggy)

"no excuses"

Marketing, adult education and management. An entrepreneur by heart. Start-ups are her passion, her 50ies clothing label her hobby. “The wilder, the better” sure matches her lifestyle. She loves to coach you through the wildest storms, the most complicated start-ups and magically brings all your books back in order. Business Ambulanz is what clients like to call her and that is exactly what she is.

Thriving through life with the energy of a tornado – always ready to help and guide.



"find solutions"

Teaching and Linguistic Education is her passion. Helping you thrive in understanding and speaking the languages you need. Verbally and nonverbally – being understood is the base for success, just as misunderstandings are the reason behind fights, disappointments and even wars. She has profound knowledge of life skills and management.

Analysing the world and cultures to know more, see further and understand better… 


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Our job is our passion... We do not work just because we want money - we work because we love what we do. We love the team and we are happy to create a working atmosphere that suits us and respects our individual needs but enhances our abilities together with the best team mates ever. We work internationally and just about everywhere because we believe that is the future and we want to take full advantage of the possibilities life offers today. Our clients rate us after our jobs... They are the ones that judge us. ...just do not take us to a karaoke place unless Buggy is with us because she is the only one who can sing.. some had to find out painfully lol
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Life is not easy and often things keep adding to make it even more challenging. We want to offer you a platform with valuable information, hight quality posts and the option for personal coaching and assistance to help you make YOUR life rock. Because you can!
Carole Mercédès