A month of decluttering and minimalizing

Declutter and Clean up to make your life more fun… 

You would be surprised how much you actually feel once your home is decluttered. Clutter has its name because it actually clutters your mind, your spirit, and your life. Free yourself and start with those easy and simple Tasks for a Month of decluttering. Most things can be done within Minutes and attached is a Printout sheet for you to check off what you have done. Depending on the workload of the day you might want to switch dem around.


The month of Declutter and Minimalizing

  1. Declutter your inbox
  2. 5 Items away
  3. Clean out the junk drawer
  4. Declutter your mind
  5. Makeup collection
  6. Unfollow & Unfriend
  7. Clean off your dresser
  8. Under the Sink
  9. Kitchen Counters
  10. Clear through living area
  11. Books
  12. Medicine Cabinet
  13. Pantry
  14. Clean Refrigerator
  15. Toys
  16. Sort through Mail
  17. Virtual Disconnect
  18. Purse
  19. Laundry Room
  20. Craft Storage
  21. Clean out Car
  22. Sort through recipes
  23. Tupper Storage
  24. Family Cleaning
  25. Spices
  26. Jewelry Box
  27. Clean your closet
  28. Thin out Furniture
  29. Linens
  30. Basement/Attic/Garage
  31. (Basement/Attic/Garage)

Checklist 1 month of decluttering as a PDF for you to print.