Christmas or Christmess?

Joyful or stressful..? 


Christmas is just on the doorstep and now it is all about last-time adjustments. 

There are many things that could have been prepared before, many things that could have been trained all year and made ahead. But all of this does not matter now… All that matters now is: 
have fun and reduce stress. You can do this best, fallowing those steps: 

1. *Be realistic*f. If you didnt do it by now will you really have time to do it? why not forget about it this year? 

2. Lower your expectations! Kids never behave their best if it matters… this would include an amazing ability to lie and act and under stress no one brings his maximum. Your family loves you for what they see all year and not just that one visit. If they are disappointed they will forget about it later… You owe your kids more than your extended Family. Be fair to your kids.

3. Talk about Christmas. If you have a Family Christmas it is important to communicate your expectation to each familymember. (above 3 years of age) Often stress appears simply because one does not know what the other wanted or that it was so important to him.

4. If you intend to do “first timers” be aware… 
no matter if you cook a special menu, a new song, a new whatever. It might not suit anyone and this is not against you. Maybe having some second option for the Kids or the picky Aunt ready is the solution to prevent stress… 

5. Take care of you. Between Family Couples tend to forget about themselves and about their kids. Organize yourself some islands for yourself. They don’t need to be longer than a few minutes but just a look in the eye passing your son asking him how he is doing. The same with your sweetheart and everyone else will help a lot. 
Bringing the kids to bed is also a great opportunity to sneak away for a few minutes as family and right after as Parents. 

6. Humor as your secret weapon If your child refuses to perform, refused to play along or if the kids pick a fight. Or relatives start arguing away… Humorful reactions take the spice out of the situation. Help calm down and often life just passes over the moment without much trouble… The most dangerous thing to do it to get stressed.. because as mentioned before – no one brings his best under stress. We judge wrong, we tend to be mean and hurtful and most of all we are losing the christmas spirit and no one deserves that around us.

7. Keep it simple even the most expensive and fancy meal, the greatest performance will be past and get old and cold in our memory. There will be other great things and chances are high even better… –> after all you get better 😉

8. Let go it will happen and it will be good. It will be over and good… it will come as it has to. What matters is that you love each other and Your Children will remember you as a loving parent!!! 

Thats what matters!!
make sure your loved ones remember you loving after it is over
your Hubby, your Children and if you have more capacity, your parents and your parents in love and then the rest of the relatives. 
this order is important! 

Merry Christmas to you all!!! 

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