Flu Season

It comes every year and yet still there is not really a way to feel comfortable with it…


Most of us know most about it, but still, it is easy to forget when we are in it… here are a few important things to keep in mind! 

1. Make sure you get enough sleep, often suddenly being cranky or picking fights or just being stressed is a sign that the body needs more care! 
2. eat healthy a few extra portions of fruit and veggies will not hurt you or your family. As a rule of thumb – everything that has season right now is good against flu and colds. 
–> TIP Most Kids do quite well with a veggie meal when there is a special treat for dessert afterward
3. Spend time outside, especially if it is cold. Especially after being in a crowded place (crowded means lots of germs) cleaning the lungs outside for a while is not bad! Even if it is just running around the block
4. If you have been freezing warm up immediately afterward with a hot bath, hot tee, or even hot chocolate
5. Consider taking some extra vitamins or immune system-enhancing natural remedies such as echinacea, garlic, or such. 
6. If you have a chance to use a Sauna – think about it! cooling the system and heating it is great for the immune system. Works under the shower too! 
Always start with warm and end with warm.
–> TIP Our Family enjoys a Snowrun barefooted on the weekend in our Pajamas throughout the yard and then everyone in Mommy and Daddy’s Bed to warm up again and snuggle
7. Take it easy and do not hide from life because of Germ-Fear. Enjoy life, have fun and if it gets you make the best of it and use the extra time as Quality time. Your Kids will remember those times all their life!

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